• Propeller Tuning, Sales and Repair

    Propeller tuning and modification Propeller repair and correction Performance analysis and evaluation Sizing calculations Straightening Shafts, Rudders, Struts, Anchors, etc. Welding Sand Blasting Phone Number: 419 433 9550
  • Repair and Tuning - up to 60 inches

    Over turning engine Propeller cavitation Singing propeller Poor fuel economy Engines not synchronized Reversing problems Impact damage: This is the most obvious. Hit something and your performance has suddenly deteriorated? Depending on the severity of the damage, repairs can usually be made. Propeller induced vibration: Now this is something you cant always see. Propeller induced vibration can be caused by a variety of things; inaccuracies in pitch, camber, blade shape, spacing , tracking , rake, cup height , and weight distribution. A Prop Scan of your propeller will reveal if any of these things are the cause. Of course, once identified, they can be corrected resulting in a smoother, more efficient, and often faster propeller.