• NCPT is the best in Ohio!
    Posted on Tue February 21st 2017
    After hitting a log in Put-n-Bay, I called North Coast Prop Tech and they got me right in and back to my charters - Thanks NCPT Capt Greg
    Posted on Tue February 21st 2017
    As an avid barefoot water skier on a small lake, I damage my prop a lot. As a result of the repairs, the diameter of the prop has gotten considerably smaller over time which has lead to reduced top-end speed and caused motor over-revving. After consulting with Ray at NorthCoast Prop Tech, I decided to add an inch of pitch to the prop. The results were AMAZING! The boat will ski me at 42 MPH with the motor at about 100 RPM under the red line. In addition, the prop (and boat) is very smooth at all speeds. It has never felt this smooth! Thanks Ray! Dave B. August 4, 2015
  • Smoke Free At Last!
    Posted on Tue February 21st 2017
    I took a set of props (26") to Ray to be checked. They are for a pair of Detroit 692 (ddec) diesels. I was having issues with smoke - A Lot of Smoke! They checked the props and found out they were 2 inches out of pitch = pretty extreme. They got them back into the right pitch and what a difference. The engines no longer smoke; they turn up 200 RPMs as predicted. Everything was right on and exactly as forecasted. Could not have predicted a better outcome. (My Yacht Club Friends have also noticed the Smoke-Free improvement) Thank You, Mike M. August 2015
  • That was a first for the boat. Well done. Ray
    Posted on Tue February 21st 2017
    Posted on Wed August 31st 2016 Hi Ray. A little feedback on the prop tune you did for me after we took the boat out this past winter. My issue was never being able to achieve rated RPM at WOT. The Cummins QSD which we have in our pocket trawler is rated at 150hp @ 4,000RPM. The original prop size was 17 X 15 which I had reduced to 17 X 14 ( at least that was what it was to have been). Very little change in the RPM. Lived with that for a couple of years then brought it too your shop. You analysis showed we should have been at 13.2 which you tuned it to. Results: This past Friday on a post winter shakedown run I hit 4,060 into the wind. That was, of course, with only me no water in tank and holding tank empty, but ....